Getting married in Twenty-Twenty!

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What is behind this new trend?

The 2020 is just started but we know yet that it will be the wedding’s golden year.

But why everyone want to marry this year? It seems to have a mystical aura around.

The answer has to be attributed to the repeted twenty which lightly touches the ‘perfection’, it is so roundish to give a deep sense of warm and positivity, the double zero repeted that forms the infinity’s symbol is decidedly a good premonition to take long term decisions which end with ‘for ever’. 

What is that make the date so tempting?

romantico bacio a villa Il Petriccio tra due innamorati

‘coppia si bacia al tramonto’

The number twenty in tarots is the number which simbolizes the angel and it is the synonymous of the birth, the announciation; the number four, that is determinated by the double two of the date, indicates the power and also the economic power. It would seem a favourite year for the birth of something special destinate to remain also thanks to the protection and the support given by a flourishing economic situation and what is better than a marriage to celebrate on the best this 2020?

Furthermore, for the astrology enthusiastic, during the twenty-twenty, we will witness the conjuction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, rather rare and favorable event for big plans and lasting changes. The most rare event of this year will be the conjuction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and it will determine some important and positive. Lumiere Wedding Films

The fact remains that the wedding day, par excellence the Yes day, is the best day for the couple, it indicates the reciprocal initiation in the life together, the biggest manifestation of the love that the two lovers promise one to the other and in front of their loved people. They say Yes to the other person, they say Yes to the life together, they say Yes to the birth of a new family, they say Yes to the eternal love and the Twenty-Twenty seems to be the year when an high percentual of lovers chooses to say Yes!

It is true that it’s not necessary the perfect date if there is the true love but, at the end, if we have to chose it, why not finding the really perfect date for the perfect day? Maybe it really be a good wish!

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